Felix ‘FX’ Lindner, Head of Recurity Labs


FX is the technical and research lead of Recurity Labs with over 25 years of experience in the computer industry, mostly consulting for large enterprise customers, and possesses a vast knowledge of computer sciences, telecommunications and software development. His background includes managing and participating in a variety of projects with a special emphasis on security planning, implementation, operation and testing, using advanced methods in diverse technical environments.

FX is well known in the IT security community and has presented his and Phenoelit’s security research on Black Hat Briefings, CanSecWest, PacSec, DEFCON, Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), MEITSEC and numerous other events. His research includes Cisco IOS, HP printers, SAP, RIM BlackBerry and much more. Felix holds a title as State-Certified Technical Assistant for Informatics and Information Technology as well as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Felix has been awarded the 2017 Pwnie Award For Lifetime Achievement.

Operations Team


Nico and Florian represent the Operations team at Recurity Labs and serve as main point of contact. Apart from via their individual contacts, the Operations team can be reached via operations@recurity-labs.com.

Nico Lindner, CEO


In parallel to his studies of Applied Computer Science at FHTW Berlin, Nico started his professional career as an event technician and manager in the Audio/Video (AV) field. He quickly excelled and was promoted to deputy chief engineer in a highly respected venue and continued to fulfil this position until 2010, specializing in the management of events, while never losing hands-on grip of the ever-changing technical playground.

Having gathered over a decade of experience in this line of work, Nico was recruited to support the corporate management at Recurity Labs. Over the course of the years, he has taken on a major proportion of the management side at Recurity Labs and currently serves as its CEO.

Florian Grunert, Director


Florian joined Recurity Labs in 2013, representing the main project management contact at Recurity Labs. As Director, he is the responsible entity for the coordination, implementation, control and steering of the majority of Recurity Labs’ projects, while always remaining aligned with the strategy, commitments and goals of the involved organizations. Florian gathered broad experience handling complex and difficult projects from the initial request to long-term support, being a valued mediator both internally and externally.

Consulting Team

Recurity Labs currently employs a staff of twelve professionals.

Most of our team members have at least a decade of experience in the security consulting industry, offering wide variety of skills. Some of them entered the security consultancy arena after being active contributors in the open source security community, which is of great help maintaining a realistic view when it comes to Software and source code audits.

Aside the consultancy routine, Recurity Labs is also a member of the examining board of the German “Chamber of Industry and Commerce” (IHK).

Generally, Recurity Labs’ consultants have qualifications in the following areas of expertise:

• Design and implementation reviews
• Threat and Attack Modeling
• Risk analysis
• Mobile & Cloud solution reviews
• Source code reviews
• Vulnerability assessments
• Analysis of critical systems and broad infrastructures
• Experience in design, integration, implementation and optimization of secure solutions

All consultants are fluent in English (speaking/writing), while most of them are German citizens and native speakers. Some team members are also fluent in Swedish and Spanish.

Detailed consultant profiles are available upon request.

Contracting Consultants

One of Recurity Labs’ guiding principles is “Know what you don’t know.”, so we are not shy to admit that even our expertise has limits. Although the team’s skill-set covers a wide range of technologies, techniques, programming languages etc., and combines decades of field experience, every once in a while certain requests touch areas where we do not feel at home; or internal resources may simply not be available to the extent required. For such cases, Recurity Labs works with a body of partner companies and freelancers to support our consulting staff with their external expertise, some of which working with Recurity Labs since it was founded.

Since involving external resources typically raises certain flags, the following rules apply, always:

• Explicit permission must be granted.
• All external personnel is bound by restrictive confidentiality clauses (NDA).
• Recurity Labs manages all operational tasks and remains the main point of contact.