Secfault Security

Recurity Labs works in close cooperation with Secfault Security. Both companies mutually benefit from a long-term relationship, each other's skill-set and experiences. The partners share a common background and aim to support each other in the execution of customer projects and in performing research tasks.


RootSys and Recurity Labs share quite a history. Through numerous projects, Recurity Labs has accompanied RootSys' development from an idea to a well-established company. RootSys complements our expertise in Cloud security and hardening, while also providing the generic range of IT-Security consulting services, such as penetration testing, AppSec etc.

Whirly Labs

Whirly Labs is a security consultancy with a specific focus on security automation and education. Lead by a former Recurity Labs employee, Whirly Labs has become a valued partner in our engagements, both by naturally extending our team of security professionals in times of high demand as well as in the realization of long-term security engagements focusing on secure software development. Our shared commitment to providing realistic, dependable and precise security assessments makes our collaboration particularly fruitful and pleasant.