About Recurity Labs

Recurity Labs specializes in IT-security consulting services, focusing on the most important angles of software and system security: the design and verification of expected behaviour.

Our hand-picked team consults in high-end areas of system and code analysis with decades of field practice in system design and implementation analysis, reverse engineering, source code auditing and the improvement of existing solutions.

Recurity Labs supports in designing protocols as well as software and system solutions that can withstand most-common forms of attacks, tolerate the ones they cannot withstand and contain the ones they cannot tolerate. These guiding principles are also applied for thorough and professional set-up, executed and documented verifications of designs and code security.

The aim of Recurity Labs' consulting is to provide the highest possible level and quality of work. Our both feet on the ground approach concentrates on issues and solutions, preventing exaggeration and downplay. We excel at putting the results of our detailed and dependable analysis in a grand perspective, while always providing realistic approaches for improvements.