Embedded Analysis Training (Hardware)

Recurity Labs’ Embedded Analysis training will convey an understanding of the workflow our analysts employ to obtain access to the running software on a device through hardware analysis. Within this 3 day workshop, attendees will learn how to categorize the risk of exposed debug interfaces and buses as well as removing memory chips and reading their contents. Work will take place using two example targets. In addition, each student is asked to bring a target of their choosing for analysis during the workshop. Such targets can be any simple toy or simple consumer electronic device.

Included in this training is a basic kit of tools required, which attendees can take home after the training to continue their research and to directly apply newly learned skills. The kit includes a RaspberryPi, Teensy development board, multimeter, soldering iron and various breakout boards and cables, among other items.

Agenda (preliminary)

Day 1

Covering the basic workflow of the examination of targets and a description of common debug interfaces. The students will gather first hands-on experience using a Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logic Analyser to analyse the target. They will learn how to scan for debug interfaces and gain insights on the techniques analysts commonly utilize when examining hardware devices for security flaws.

Day 2

During the 2nd day, JTAG debug interfaces will be explained in greater detail. The participants will learn how to scrutinize the target’s board design and how to conduct a brute-force scan for JTAG. Furthermore, it is taught how to the connect this interface to a workstation for on-chip debugging.

Day 3

The students will learn how to remove microchips from their target. The differences between memory types and how to read the datasheets for their target’s memory will be provided. Finally, the participants will dump the memory chip of the target using bespoken code and tools.


Students must bring a laptop natively running Linux or a Linux VM. Little to no prior coding experience is required but helpful. For hands-on activity during the workshop, the students will be provided with a multimeter, soldering station, oscilloscope, rework tools, logic analyser, various breakout boards for target memories and the equipment required to dump those memories.